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Barks N Purrs is a full-service dog walking and pet care company providing personal and loving care to all dogs and cats in downtown and Uptown Toronto.  Voted #1 as Toronto’s Best Dog walking company in 2014 and best Dog Boarder in 2016 by Toronto Pet Daily.

Founded in 2007, Rebecca has worked very hard and dedicated herself to growing Barks N Purrs into a successful small team of experienced dog owners and animal lovers. We understand that life can get busy sometimes, and our furry family members need a little more attention than we can give them. Our affordable and flexible dog walking and pet sitting rates and services allow you the option to give your pup the potty breaks and the love and exercise that they deserve.

We are dedicated to your pets and only provide positive training methods, that mean we use healthy treats, toys, and anything else that your dog enjoys.  It’s important to us that your pup is enjoying their time out, meeting new dogs, learning new skills and building a relationship with their new walking buddy.  We also don’t want to forget the relationship between our clients and their walkers.  That is why we leave detailed notes after each walk along with a photo.  Our clients also have direct communication with their walkers when needed.

Take a moment to look at our About Us page to learn more about Barks N Purrs and why we are a trusted and professional pet care provider in Toronto. We are here to help you and are very excited to make you a part of our family.

Ready to get started?

Follow These 4 Simple Steps

Step #1

Fill in our Questionnaire. We will contact you within 24 hours

Step #2

Discuss how we can best meet your needs, answer any questions and determine if we’re the right fit.

Step #3

Register online at Pet Sitter Plus, fill out your pet’s profile and get started with our help.

Step #1

Your pup is gradually introduced to their walking buddies in a safe environment. Service feedback and picture sent after each walk.

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HST not included in price

Boarding: After 7 Days


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Additional Information

  • Only available to existing dog walking clients
  • Additional dog in home is 15% off
  • Puppies under 8 months are an additional $10
  • HST is not included in prices
  • Pet Taxi Services: reserved for boarding only – $10-$30 (depending on mileage)
  • Holidays are an additional 25%

What People Say…

Customer Reviews on every page

Why Choose Us?

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  • Flexible schedules
  • Same walker everyday
  • Backup walker when your walker is unavailable
  • Always accessible
  • We cover almost all of Toronto
  • Online software with real-time feedback
  • Mandatory Meet and Greets before the walks or visits start

What We Do

  • Choose our packs based on personality, size, age and health
  • You receive an email after each walk or visit along with a photo
  • Only hire the best. We screen, trial and train until we feel they are ready to go on their own
  • Personalized care. We will work closely with you to provide services that meet your pets needs

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